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Sandy asks…

What is a good bubble tea recipe?

not just 1 you google, one you’ve tried and it tastes really good.(:

Tea Search Questions answers:

I love lychee with green tea or passion fruit with green tea…absolutely…

Lisa asks…

hmmm recipe for making bubble tea? help please?

does anyone know if i can make bubble tea from scratch at home?
i want to make bubble tea at home, instead of buying it all the time.

Tea Search Questions answers:

If you google “bubble tea,” you’ll get a list of sites that have different recipes you can make at home.




Mandy asks…

How do I make sweet for bubble tea?

Tea Search Questions answers:

The beauty of Bubble Tea is the versatility of this drink. Please play with the recipes and come up with your own creations. You can substitute milk, cream, half n half, sweetened and condensed milk, and the like instead of non dairy creamer. This way you can see how creamy, thick or strong the differences are and what you prefer. You can use tea or water for the powder drinks. You can blend your drink with ice and make a smoothie. Play with the sugar syrup recipe or use a pre-made syrup like fructose or simple Hawaiian cane sugar. The only limit to this drink is our own imaginations. If you come up with something spectacular and want to share it, please email us and we will post it on our site. Good luck and enjoy!

How to cook Tapioca Pearls for Bubble Tea:

1 cup Tapioca Pearls (Bubble Tea Supply of course)
6-8 cups water

Approximately 6-10 servings

The ratio should be a minimum of 7:1, water to tapioca pearls.
Boil water in a large pot.
Add in the tapioca pearls to boiling water.
The tapioca pearls should float in the water.
Boil for about 25 minutes depending on the tapioca pearl with the cover on.
Turn the heat off and let the tapioca sit in the water for 25 minutes.
Rinse the cooked tapioca pearls in warm water and drain out the water.
Cover with bubble tea sugar syrup or brown sugar and serve.
Note: This is for those that want to make Bubble Tea at home and don’t want to wait an hour. What I do is boil the tapioca pearls for 20 minutes and let it sit for 15 minutes. I rinse the tapioca pearls and then place in a container in the refrigerator. When I get the urge, I boil a cup of water and put some refrigerated tapioca pearls in for about 3-5 minutes. Rinse, cover in sugar syrup and serve. It usually lasts a few days before it gets too mushy. Enjoy!

*This is not recommended for bubble tea shops.


How to cook Bubble Tea Sugar Syrup:

1 cup white sugar
1 cup brown sugar
2 cups water

Approximately 32-35 sixteen ounce servings

Mix sugar and water in a large pot.
Cook at medium to high heat.
Once the mixture boils remove from stove immediately.
Let cool and serve.
*Refrigerate any excess

good luckerz!!!=]

Laura asks…

How do you make bubble tea?

yeah….i wanna kno lol

thnx to whoever replies

Tea Search Questions answers:

Eel free to adjust this basic bubble tea recipe according to your own tea and flavoring preferences.

* 3 ounces tapioca pearls
* sugar syrup
* 1 cup brewed tea (Chinese black tea or lychee tea is good)
* 1 cup milk (or to taste)
* Ice cubes
* Tapioca Pearls
* 1 part tapioca pearls
* 4 parts (or more) water
* Sugar Syrup
* 2 parts white sugar
* 1 part brown sugar
* 3 parts water

Prepare the sugar syrup for the tapioca pearls (see below).[

Prepare the tapioca pearls (see below)

Place the tapioca pearls in the large glass jar

Allow the tea to cool to room temperature. Add the milk.

Remember the wild bar scenes in the Tom Cruise film Cocktail? Add the sugar syrup, milk and tea mix, and the ice cubes to a cocktail shaker and shake well. (Alternately you can process them in a blender, but that’s not nearly as much fun!)

Pour the shaken mixture into the glass with the tapioca pearls.Serve with a thick straw.

To make the tapioca pearls: When making the tapioca pearls, which are the chief ingredient in Asian bubble teas, please note that the pearls expand considerably when cooked. Please ensure that you use a large pot. (As a rule, the more pearls cooked, the more water should be used: that is, the water to pearl ratio must be higher. For 3kgs of pearls, we recommend using as much as 6 times as much water).

Boil the water. Add the pearls to the boiling water and boil for 30 minutes. Stir occasionally to make sure the pearls are not sticking to each other or to the pot. Turn off heat and let the pearls steep in the water for another 30 minutes with the lid of the cooking pot on.

Drain the tapioca pearls and rinse with cold water to cool them down. Place them in sugar syrup (sugar and water solution – see below). Make sure that the pearls are covered. Stir the pearls well. The pearls are now ready to enjoy.

To make the sugar syrup: in a saucepan, bring the water to boil. Add the sugars. Reduce heat and heat until the sugar crystals are dissolved. Remove from heat. Note: Please feel free to experiment with the ratio of white sugar to brown sugar, and the ratio of the sugar to water.

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