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Mandy asks…

Is there such breed as teacup Pomeranians?

I heard there was no such thing is this true ???

Tea Search Questions answers:

Teacup is another word for a poorly bred, runt puppy. They do not exist under the KC . It became fashionable among poor quality breeders to make money.

Laura asks…

teacup pomeranian?

should i give it a bath when i get home after just buying it? (i dont have it yet) and also is it a bad idea to blow dry it right away ? thx. plus dont say teacup doeznt exist or its sickly just anwer thx
its a puppy btw, about 4 months

Tea Search Questions answers:

Ok I won’t say ….”teacup doeznt exist or its sickly.”

I’m going to TELL YOU that they do not exist. And they ARE sickly. Bred down by inbreeding or the runt of the litter.

Another thing, What happens when your pup reaches the regular size of the breed even though it was sold/scammed as a teacup?

Wait until you have had your pup in the home a while before bathing and blowing dry. When you blow dry the pup make sure it is on low and is not on hot. Do not blow close to the pup. Blowing closely to the pup will damage it’s skin. Do not bathe your dog more then once a month. Don’t forget to trim it’s fur around it’s rear area or have its nails trimmed. Your pup will be going through an “puppy ugly” stage when it loses it’s baby coat and grows into it’s adult coat. That can happen anywhere between 4 and 9 months of age. Some lose almost all their fur and other just a little. Don’t worry it will all grow back. Make sure you take it to the vet every year to have a health check and to have it’s teeth cleaned. Do not feed it only wet food. . Make sure it has dry food. Feeding only wet food causes early tooth loss and decay. Best to stay totally away from wet food.

Joseph asks…

Teacup Pomeranians!!?

Is there such thing as a teacup pomeranian? Or are they just plain pomeranians like the rest of them ….

I want to buy a pomeranian puppy so badly and want to know if there’s any teacup pomeranian out there or just made up.

Tea Search Questions answers:

No, there is not. Pomeranians only come in one size. ‘’ is a term used by bad breeders as a marketing gimmick. This page goes over the truth about ‘’ dogs: http://www.barktopia.com/teacup.htm

Richard asks…


I have a 2.5 pound teacup pomeranian I dont want it to get sick so does it need anything special like food or treats?

Tea Search Questions answers:

When you say 2.5 pound teacup Pomeranian I have one question and it is what is the age of the dog?

So many times people call a Pomeranian “A Tea Cup” the ads are about selling you on a dog that will be small. The truth of the matter is that all Pomeranians at one time in there life weight 2.5 lbs..

My wife and I have worked on the AKC standards of 5 to 7 lbs. In our breeding program.

Anytime someone tells you that the dog is going to be a “TEA CUP” they may be trying to sell you on a dog that is NOT TO STANDARDS.

The words “TEA CUP Pomeranian” are a total BS statement, check out AKC.org.

I love it when someone ask how much the puppy will weigh when it is mature. My normal reply is “do you know how tall and what your kid will weigh at 18?”

The smaller the dog’s have more health issues.

I gave my parents a dog that my wife wanted to keep.

The dog’s name is Coco and the dog has cost my parents over $8000.00 in vet bills because of hip problems.

Coco is only 3.5 lbs and she is 4 years old. She is the smallest dog we have on record. My Point is small dogs can cost you large vet bills.

So 2.5lbs can equate to 2.5 lbs X 8 vet trips X$100 each trip X 2 referrals @ $400.00 each.
Any way you look at it Buyer Beware

Don’t become part of a seller’s scam, tea cup is just a term given to small undersized dogs.

The term TEA CUP Pomeranian is a scam to charge more for Pomeranian puppies that may not be show worthy, breed able and have health issues.

Nancy asks…

how much are teacup pomeranians?

in general,,,also i know that u guys say they dont exist and are unhealthy runts but im getting one anyway but i wanna make sure im not getting ripped off

Tea Search Questions answers:

Kuno –

What’s wrong with you?

Yesterday, you posted that your parents are buying you a pom from a puppy mill and then got so upset when we told you how terrible it was.

Now here you are stamping your feet and crying about how you HAVE to have a “teacup” pom.

What is wrong with you?? Spoiled brat?

If you get one, you will be getting ripped off. NO RESPONSIBLE BREEDER BREEDS TEACUPS!!!!

This means that you’ll be buying from a puppy mill or a BYB. And these places ONLY BREED crappy dogs!!! Usually laden with health problems of all sorts. Aside from supporting such a horrible industry.

Contact a responsible breeder and let them know you want a small puppy. Expect to pay $750-$1500 for such a dog.

That’s if a good breeder would even sell to someone like you. Anyone who doesn’t give a $hit about ethics and conscience really shouldn’t have a dog! Period!!!!

Lizzie asks…

Teacup Pomeranian/Yorkie, Where can I buy/adopt one?

I want a puppy either yorkie or pmeranian (perferably pomeranian) && i want it to be a teacup. My 16th bday is comming up :) but i want to know where i can buy one or adopt.. ?

Thnxx in advance.

Tea Search Questions answers:

A “teacup” dog is not real. It is basically a runt of the litter which is poorly bred by backyard breeders. A backyard breeder is a irresponsible breeder which breeds dogs for a profit, a responsible breeder would breed dogs to improve the breed not destroy it.

Most so called “Teacups” are sickly and prone to health problems. Due to their small size, they will have weak and fragile bones. Some “teacup” dog owners claim to have a healthy dog however, most have several complaints.

They are basically scams. Just because these puppies are cute doesn’t mean they are healthy. If you love dogs and don’t want to support bad dog breeding, please don’t ever buy a “teacup.”

Steven asks…

teacup pomeranian puppy scams online,any advice?

i was looking online at many websites yesterday with my sister and we came across a really cute website called LuxPup.ca her puppies look so adorable and healthy however Ive heard that there is no such thing as a teacup puppy and the dog would be very unhealthy?And that this website is a SCAM. does anyone know whether this is genuine or not?Also i am looking for a small Pomeranian rather than a larger one obviously i would want it to be happy or healthy but i prefer them smaller how do you tell how big it will become when its fully grown?and are there any websites you know of and trust?thank you hope i made some sense in this… haha

Tea Search Questions answers:

That site made me cringe, aside from their term of “teacup” they also sell multiple dog breeds(Maltese, Chihuahuas, Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terriers) and the puppies look unhealthy(to me). Definitely a site I would stay away from. The prices are ridiculous-definitely a scam. Good eye and mind to figure that out.

Here is a way to find Pomeranian Breeders in the UK:




I’m just assuming you are from the united kingdom since it says that it is where this question was originally asked. If you are actually somewhere else let me know and I will try to help you find reputable breeder or rescue.

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